Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Freedom Film Festival 2008

The 5th annual Freedom Film Fest has began its campaign to promote and highlight socially conscious film making and films about human rights with this year's theme “Democratic Space – Making Room for Human Rights”.

Freedom Film Festival 2007

Speaking about Indrani Kopal’s film, also a winner of the Justin Louis Award, “She’s My Son”, Shah said, “This film tackles a strong thought-provoking topic by telling the personal story of a Malaysian transexual woman and her mother. Sugania and Samsed are fascinating characters. She’s My Son has an intriguing opening – a sort of transsexual creation myth that has been all but forgotten.”
Shanon Shah, Executive Director of Amnesty International, Malaysia

Synopsis of the video.

Transgender issue is real, but it is a reality many Malaysian will not admit to. Treated as a sex object and often the butt of lewd jokes and social outcasts, many boys who had the urge of becoming a girl, resisted it. Suganya begs to differ. 'She's my son' tells the story of Suganya from her mother's point of view. "He", before the sex change, had the courage to face the reality and today, as "she", stroll the road confidently with her family and friends accepting the reality as she did.

I have to credit Anna Har and Brenda Danker from Big picture for all their guidance, James for the final touch up, Padma for the subtitles & the overall presentation, Effa for being the best coordinator I have ever worked with, and finally Maran ... for everything...thank you.

She's My Son from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.


Monday, February 11, 2008

The forgotten Malaysians

The forgotten Malaysians from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

A story of the Orang Asli from Royal Belum, Hulu Perak.

This video was my last year's Merdeka project. And among many that I produced for Malaysiakini in the year of 2007, this video remain the best in terms of its production quality and in the overall presentation. I must thank the team for their great effort for the successful and memorable trip to Royal Belum, Perak. It was an amazing experience indeed.

Documentaries to remember in 2007

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