A video promo in support for RPK...

I edited this video promo last May 2008, to show our support to RPK when he was first arrested for the sedition charges...

Why sedition for Raja Petra? by Soon Li Tsin, former Mkini journo.

Blogger in Detention! Free RPK. from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.


Patricia said…
Hello Indrani,

I popped into your blog when I saw your comment on Crankster's. I'll try to make time to watch some of the videos here.

And, can I be cheeky and say that such a beautiful face as yours should be found sometimes in front of the camera as well?! Hahaha.

You do good work. I thought that documentary, 'She's my son', was well thought out and presented. I liked that it was told so simply - without drama, and weeping and head-banging. Therefore making it more moving.

You know that part when the mother nearly breaks down and cries, but holds back her tears? That was the best part. Because we could see that she was really hurt and upset, and that it has not been easy for her. But she had to suck it in, because she had no choice: she loved her child.

I think you told her story with honesty and integrity. And that is why I voted for you. We need more people like you in Malaysia's media.



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