'Love and Other disasters' movie quote - 'The True Love Conspiracy'

I think this part of the script from the movie is totally brilliant!;)

PETER: Jacks, have you ever thought this whole ‘True Love’ thing might be a conspiracy?

JACKS: A conspiracy?

PETER: Yeah, a capitalist conspiracy. A lie concocted by the Film, Publishing and Music industries. All pushing this thing, this concept that doesn’t even exist!

JACKS: True love doesn’t exist?

PETER: Well, think about it. Where is it besides songs, books and films? I mean who can honestly say ‘I will always love you’?

JACKS: Whitney Houston?

PETER: Yeah, when she’s high on crack.
The point is everyone’s miserable because they’re looking for this nonexistent thing, or else they’re miserable because they think they’ve settled for less.

JACKS: If true love is not real, then we are screwed. Because we have been fed with the love illusion since we dig for books, movies and songs. On the other hand, it might not be the only thing that is concocted by the Film, Publishing and Music. After all, we are not searching for truth or reality in these stuff. Maybe it would provide a peek of truth. But the real truth is how we feel and what we believe in. Your decision is what you are.


bumblebeez30 said…
this is a good one....yes what is true love?fall in love with someone at the first sight....and eventually discover that its not meant to be :(
or you like someone so bad and that person doesn't know you exist or even if that person knows..but cant accept the love you are dying to give...or crap...what is love?

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