Bukit Jalil Estate: Meeting comes to naught

Video by Indrani Kopal

Former workers of Bukit Jalil estate were not happy with the proposal made by the City Hall in meeting held with him.

In July 1980, the estate was acquired by the government for the purposes of development. DBKL had even hired the residents - through private contractors - to tap rubber.

Since 1994, however, the rubber trees have made way for such development projects as the ultra-modern Bukit Jalil sports complex and the equally impressive Bukit Jalil Golf Club.

While not against development, the only thing the residents have asked for is reasonable compensation for abandoning the houses that have been their homes for over four decades.

“We want our own house. We’ve been living here a long time, almost 60 years. We just want our own house,” said spokesperson T Thilagan, 54

Video by Indrani Kopal


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