'I Only Dance For You'

10-min (Screening Version)
July 8, 2010 | New York City, USA
Film by Indrani Kopal (Malaysia) and Simon De Swardt (Zimbabwe)

This documentary was produced as part of a documentary Fellowship programme of the George Washington University documentary centre. The programme is the 2010 International Emerging Documentary Filmmakers Fellowship.

The short documentary titled 'I only dance for you' is a slice of life story, about a gay couple who live in Greenwich Village, New York City. Arsenio Amadis and Don Swift, opened their doors and lives to the two emerging international filmmakers.

I only dance for you from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

©2010.International Emerging Filmmakers Fellowship at The Documentary Center, The George Washington University.


Antares said…
Excellent camerawork & editing. This sweet little short film will make certain quarters shudder with horror :-D
bumblebeez30 said…
I like the way new yorkers live...they just don't care about what other hypocrites or bunch of jokers think about them.they live their life the way they wanted and i salute them. imagine here in malaysia, one cant just go out and say they are gay/lesbian or coming out of the closet showing their partners...the next moment,there,headliners...and then there will some bunch of funny preachers....talking craps about religion and bla bla bla stuff....come on...have ever god told humans not to love anyone they desire?all these craps and taboos are made by us human...if a man can marry ten women,its fine, but a woman marries 4 men,its called infidelity bla bla bla...come on lets just change for good...give people the freedom to love, to live and to unite...and if one wants to marry a different religion and doesnt want to convert,let them be..so what!why wanna force people to be something that they are not comfortable with...(ps:sorry indra,i get carried away,i salute you,young lady,keep it up)

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