1Sex 1Money 1Scandal: The Virus Returns

"A legend & her legends ~ Brilliant!" - Eddin Khoo

Meet the stars of 1Sex 1Money 1Scandal: The Virus Returns from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

Meet the stars of 1S1M1S!

Malaysiakini presents Jo Kukathas, one of the most talented, versatile and charismatic performers of our time.

Check out our exclusive interview with Ribena Berry and Jo's other alter egos from 1S1M1S in Rentakini.tv

Produced and edited by Indrani Kopal
Rentakini crew - Calvin Cheah, Arvind Raj and Maran Perianen

Special Thanks to:
Jo Kukathas
Shegar Chandra Sekaran


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