Unafraid of The Shadows (US, 2013)

Unafraid of The Shadows (US, 2013) from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.


A short documentary about an emerging photographer and her passion. The film explores several issues surrounding the censorship, expression, and the economic aspects of nude photography.

Unafraid of The Shadows
by indrani kopal

I tried to answer couple of questions that many people raised in the past during the rise of feminine arts, and see if those questions still relevant in today’s culture. The questions are:

1. Can a woman artist necessarily capture an unconventional frame and produce a different imagery of female nudity from her male counterpart?

2. Will an ordinary woman open herself up genuinely and expressively to a female artist because she now no longer carry the burden of a male gaze?

Spring 2013 Project.
MFA Graduate Student - Documentary Studies & Production
The Lawrence Herbert School of Communication at Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY

© 2013. Indrani Kopal Films.


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