Displacement: The woes never end

Displacement: The woes never end from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

The real victims of the financial crisis are the families. Can a family of eight survive on a monthly income of RM400, given the cost of living in Malaysia today? Muniandy is living below the poverty line.

Muniandy is a typical story of many who have been retrenched by factories due to the economic downturn.

Many residents who I interviewed during my recent visit there, had similar stories to share. It has been claimed that factories in Klang and Shah Alam have been retrenching local workers so that they can be replaced with foreigners for half of the salary.

This has affected many families who live and work in Klang and Shah Alam.


bumblebeez30 said…
even the indonesians who come to this country illegally are leading a wealthy affordable life...look at the minorities...an indonesian near my place sells delicacies and they are doing well...imagine them owning a good car plus a nice condusive home here...unlike us...who eats often at an indian stall?only indians and few chinese.....and why are we so dumb to eat at places where we they cook food which are forbidden for us to eat...come on...dont tell me they use different wok to cook the dishes.got it?not creating something bad here but i'm just expressing my thoughts.

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