Love ... in despair

This is my first attempt of PhotoEssay. I enjoyed making the video with beautiful photographs taken by my colleague and boss Shufiyan Shukur using his new Nikon D90. Many said its very moving ... pls watch it to find out yourself. After looking at the pictures in facebook, my brother purchased for me a new Nikon D5000 as a gift ... yeah, that was very sweet of him.

Now, I'm so falling in love with photography ... especially documentary photography :)

Love ... in despair from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

Forced by poverty and disability, a woman contemplated suicide. She wanted to take her 13 children with her.

N. Parameswari, 29, has struggled to raise all the children who are between 6 and 15 years old. She has been taking care of them for the past four years. Six of the children are hers. But her husband has abandoned her and the children.

She has also been taking care of her sister's four children after her sister left them with her. She also takes care of the three children of her husband's brother whose wife has passed away. Watch her story ...

Contact Andrew Raju if you wish to help Parameswary at:

Andrew Raju
012-612 5146
Malaysian Public Service Society
No.146, Taman Bukit Ampangan,
70000, Seremban, NSDK
Tel: 06-764 9929
Fax: 06-761 1257


bumblebeez30 said…
money as they often say is the root of all evil....but at present...without money,its hard to it money=depression and can lead to anything...that is why there are many people who can get a decent job steals,murders etc....and more of this people comes from the minority group....all the good stuff are given to the majorities and the minorities are left to die....thank you all good samaritans for giving life to these poor children.good job made my day!you inspire me...i thank you sincerely.

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