Deleted from victors' history: The other freedom fighters

Ex-members of CPM feel aggrieved that they are being demonised although they too played a major role in achieving independence.

In view of the nation’s 52nd Merdeka, Malaysiakini recently visited one such communist ‘peace village’ in Sukhirin, southern Thailand, to talk to some of these battle-hardened “communist insurgents” on their role in gaining independence.

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Deleted from victors' history: The other freedom fighters from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

Reported by K Kabilan
Produced by Maran Perianen
Edited by Indrani Kopal
Voice Over by Nick Josh Karean


thank you for the intelligence you shared with us Ms.Indrani Kopal. Appreciate it very much. Interesting blog you have there.
bumblebeez30 said…
the thing with the freakin malaysian government is that..they dont recognize great people...they just know to praise a bunch of jokers who are trying to make a fool out of the citizen.....good job done a wonderful thing by exposing the real heroes to the people...i wish many more people would recognise your hard effort dear...keep it up :)

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