Monday, May 25, 2009

One-on-one with Farish Noor

One of my favorite project and I waited 3-weeks to publish this video. I want it to coincide with Malaysikini.TV new site's launch early this week.

An Exclusive Interview with Dr Farish A. Noor... a must-watch-video by every single Malaysian.

SYNOPSIS: Racism, subtly or not, prevails in Malaysia. From your doorstep up to the gateway of super corridors, you can never dodge the affirmation that you belong to a certain race and the social characteristics that represents that particular society.

In the quest of examining the dilemma of race relations, Malaysiakini spoke to Dr. A. Farish Noor, political scientist and historian.

Part 1

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love ... in despair

This is my first attempt of PhotoEssay. I enjoyed making the video with beautiful photographs taken by my colleague and boss Shufiyan Shukur using his new Nikon D90. Many said its very moving ... pls watch it to find out yourself. After looking at the pictures in facebook, my brother purchased for me a new Nikon D5000 as a gift ... yeah, that was very sweet of him.

Now, I'm so falling in love with photography ... especially documentary photography :)

Love ... in despair from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

Forced by poverty and disability, a woman contemplated suicide. She wanted to take her 13 children with her.

N. Parameswari, 29, has struggled to raise all the children who are between 6 and 15 years old. She has been taking care of them for the past four years. Six of the children are hers. But her husband has abandoned her and the children.

She has also been taking care of her sister's four children after her sister left them with her. She also takes care of the three children of her husband's brother whose wife has passed away. Watch her story ...

Contact Andrew Raju if you wish to help Parameswary at:

Andrew Raju
012-612 5146
Malaysian Public Service Society
No.146, Taman Bukit Ampangan,
70000, Seremban, NSDK
Tel: 06-764 9929
Fax: 06-761 1257

Displacement: The woes never end

Displacement: The woes never end from Indrani Kopal on Vimeo.

The real victims of the financial crisis are the families. Can a family of eight survive on a monthly income of RM400, given the cost of living in Malaysia today? Muniandy is living below the poverty line.

Muniandy is a typical story of many who have been retrenched by factories due to the economic downturn.

Many residents who I interviewed during my recent visit there, had similar stories to share. It has been claimed that factories in Klang and Shah Alam have been retrenching local workers so that they can be replaced with foreigners for half of the salary.

This has affected many families who live and work in Klang and Shah Alam.

Malaysian's SOLS 2/47 in Dili, East Timor

This is the video about SOLS 247. I was at Dili, East Timor recently to conduct a video journalism workshop and I had an opportunity to visit their camp. I wish I had more time to do more coverage and interviews. It was a short visit.

A Malaysian owned org, SOLS24/7 is currently the largest non-formal education provider in Cambodia, East Timor and Laos.

They offers a comprehensive two-year training and boarding program on life-skills education for disadvantaged and at-risk youths from poor communities.

They are currently looking for individuals who may help them with project planning, finance, management, marketing, proposal writing and administrative support.

SOLS 24/7 will provide board and lodging for volunteers willing to join them for 3-24 months. For individuals or organizations interested to help, please contact Raj Ridvan Singh at raj@sols247.or, NGO